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Okuninushi: Shinto God of Magic and Medicine

Okuninushi (o-kuni-nuShi) is the Shinto god of magic and medication. Okuninushi symbolizes nature’s rebirth; he died twice and got here again to life.

Okuninushi’s powers are demonstrated within the story of how he discovered his bride. His brothers met a rabbit who had been flayed and was in nice misery. The younger males—there have been 80 of them—had been in a rush to meet the princess Yakami, whom all of them hoped to marry. Rather than serving to the poor injured creature, Okuninushi’s brothers informed the rabbit to bathe within the ocean, then enable the wind to dry it. This actually rubbed salt into the rabbit’s wounds and made it worse than ever.

Okuninushi then occurred by. He took pity on the rabbit. He informed it to soak its wounds in contemporary water. Then, he stated, it should rub its physique within the pollen of kama grass. The treatment labored. The hare was actually a god, and he informed Okuninushi that he, not any of his brothers, would marry the princess.

Jealous of the prophecy, Okuninushi’s brothers set out to kill him. First, they heated a rock and rolled it down a hill. Okuninushi thought he was being attacked by a boar or wild pig. He grabbed the white-hot rock to wrestle it and was killed by the large warmth. But Kami-Musubi, introduced him again to life. A short while later, Okuninushi was crushed by his brothers.

After he was reborn as soon as once more, Kami-Musubi informed Okuninushi that he ought to cover in Yoml, the underworld. While he was there, Okuninushi met Susano-Wo and his daughter Suseri-Hime. Susano- Wo was the storm god and had a really dangerous mood. He revealed simply how dangerous his mood could possibly be when he discovered that Okuninushi was in love with Suseri-Hime: he made Okuninushi sleep in a roomful of snakes.

Suseri-Hime had given Okuninushi a magic scarf, and the snakes couldn't hurt him. Next, Susano-Wo had him sleep in a roomful of toxic centi- pedes and wasps. Once once more Okuninushi emerged unhurt. Susano-Wo despatched him right into a area, then set hearth to it. A mouse confirmed Okuninushi the best way to a gap the place he might wait out the flames.

Almost in spite of himself, Susano-Wo began to just like the younger man. But Okuninushi didn't belief him. While Susano-Wo slept, Okuninushi tied the god’s hair to the boards that supported his home. Then he took the god’s sword, bow, and harp (koto). He took Suseri-Hime and ran again to the earth.

Susano-Wo woke when he heard the harp. As he leapt upward, his tied hair pulled down the home. Despite his rage, he realized that Okuninushi was a courageous younger man, and he had to admire him. He yelled after him, telling him to use his sword to struggle his brothers and rule the world. Susano-Wo then gave his daughter to Okuninushi in marriage, lastly accepting him as his son-in-law.

Okuninushi dominated the earth from a palace at Mount Uka. In later years, he was visited by two gods despatched by Amaterasu. These gods stated that her grandson would take his place as ruler. Okuninushi agreed, however provided that he can be given a shrine at Izumo. Amaterasu agreed. His two sons additionally agreed, though his youthful son quickly tried to insurgent. Eventually, Amaterasu’s grandson Ninigi-no-Mikoto dominated your entire earth.

Okuninushi is also called Daikoku-Sama, and is usually confused with Daikoku, a Buddhist god and one of the Shichi Fukujin.