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Oriental fire-bellied Toad Facts


English: Oriental firebelly toad, Oriental bell toad; German: Chinesische Rotbauchunke; Spanish: Sapo de vientre de fuego.


Bombinator orientalis Boulenger, 1890, Chefoo (Yantai, Shandong, China). No subspecies acknowledged.


The pores and skin on the again of these frogs is roofed with pointed, even spiked warts. The dorsum is brownish grey, greenish grey, or shiny inexperienced with massive darkish spots. The stomach is purple or orange with massive darkish spots. The pupil of the attention is triangular.


These toads are discovered within the southern a part of Primorsky Kraj (the Russian maritime territory), northeastern China (south to Jiangsu), Korea, and the Tsushima and Kyushu islands of Japan.


Oriental fire-bellied toads inhabit blended coniferous or broadleaved forests in addition to spruce and pine forests, open meadows, river valleys, and swamps. They usually are present in slow-moving waters, corresponding to lakes, ponds, swamps, streams, springs, ditches, and puddles. At the top of the summer season, they're on land shut to water.


This toad is lively in hotter temperatures. It hibernates from October to May, totally on land in tree stumps, piles of stones, or leaves but in addition on stream bottoms. Up to six toads could hibernate collectively, presumably as a method to forestall water loss. As with different fire-bellied toads, this species shows the unken reflex when threatened.


Oriental fire-bellied toads eat quite a lot of bugs, together with beetles, flies, and ants. They additionally embrace worms and snails of their eating regimen. The tadpoles primarily eat algae and crops however, as they age, improve the quantity of aquatic and terrestrial bugs.


These toads breed from May to August. Breeding and calling are related to these of the fire-bellied toad, however a feminine could take many weeks to deposit all of her eggs. She deposits about 30 or so every week till completed and should deposit as many as 250 eggs. Eggs hatch in about two months, and tadpoles normally metamorphose earlier than autumn. The most life span recorded for these toads is estimated to be about 20 years.


Not threatened.


As with different fire-bellied toads, this species is frequent within the pet commerce and laboratory.