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Origin of Abracadabra Magical Spell

Abracadabra was utilized by fashionable storytellers and stage magicians solely as a pseudo-incantation, the phrase abracadabra has an extended historical past as an utterance with magical powers.

The first identified point out of abracadabra was made by the Roman poet Quintus Serenus Sammonicus within the second century C.E., however the origins of the time period stay a thriller. There are a number of theories as to when and the place the time period was first used: It could also be a mixture of the first few letters of the Phoenician alphabet (A-Bra-Ca-Dabra); the title of a demon of illness, whose origin is unknown; the Phoenician Aramaiz avada kedavra, which implies “may the thing be destroyed”; or abra kadibra, which means “it will be made like it is said.”

Another risk is that abracadabra originated from the Greek abrasadabra, which is claimed to be a mystical phrase utilized by a Gnos-
tic sect in Alexandria, Egypt. This sect, the Basilidians, was based by Basilides of Egypt, and their chief deity was Abrasax (Abraxas in Latin). The title Abraxas was mentioned to have magical powers as a phrase that, when written in Greek, added up to 365, the quantity of days within the 12 months.

For this purpose, Abraxas was typically engraved on amulets and treasured stones.
The time period could derive from the preliminary letters of three Hebrew phrases: Ab, “the father,” Ben, “the son,” and Acadsch, “the Holy Spirit.” In this type, the phrase was used as a allure, written within the form of a triangle on a bit of parchment worn across the neck, that was believed to have the ability to remedy toothaches, malaria, and different scourges. Whatever its derivation, abracadabra most certainly got here from Greek into French, and from French into English.