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Pachacamac: He Who Gives Life to the Universe

Pachacamac is believed to be the creator and supreme god of the early coastal people of Peru; son of the Sun. Dubbed as Earthquake, He Who Gives Life to the Universe.

Pachacamac was thought to be an oracle and exerted nice affect over the people. His affect was so nice, actually, that after the Inca conquered the people who worshipped him, they added him to their pantheon of gods. They additionally constructed a temple to Inti alongside the one to Pachacamac. He has been recognized with Viracocha, the creator and supreme god of the Inca. They could have had the similar roots.

Pachacamac was thought of superior and was held in such reverence that the people didn't converse his title. Instead, they made gestures—kissing the air, elevating their eyes towards the sky after which down to Earth, bowing their heads. Pachacamac was worshipped solely at one temple. Regular pilgrimages had been made to the website, the place clergymen led the worship, items got, and human and animal sacrifices had been made. As the author Garcilaso de la Vega (1539–1616), son of a Spanish conquistador and an Incan princess, wrote, “If I were asked today what is the name of God in [my] language, I would reply ‘Pachacamac,’ for in the general language of Peru, there is no other word which so well expresses the concept of God.”

Although a creator god, Pachacamac did make errors. When he created the world and the first man and girl, he didn't provide any food. As a outcome, the man died of hunger. Bitterly offended, the girl blamed the Sun, believing it had been executed intentionally. Pachacamac then made the girl in a position to bear youngsters. After she had two sons, Pachacamac killed one, chopping him into items that he strewed round the Earth. These grew into vegetables and fruit of all types. Pachacamac tried to kill the second son, however he escaped and hid. But when the nice god killed his mom, the second son returned and chased Pachacamac off into the sea.