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Persian Magi Mythology and Cosmology

Few facts are identified concerning the Magi of historical Persia , the land that's now Iran, however some students imagine they had been a caste of clergymen from the Medes tribe. The Magi had been extensively identified within the lands surrounding the Mediterranean as smart males. The hyperlink in people’s minds between knowledge and the supernatural quickly gave rise to a folks perception that the Magi had energy over demons. The phrase Magi shares its roots with the fashionable phrase magic.

Perhaps probably the most acquainted reference to the Magi comes within the Gospel in accordance to Matthew within the New Testament. The Magi visited the infant Jesus and offered items of gold, frankincense, and myearrh. Although the gospel doesn't specify what number of Magi attended, folklore claims they had been three in quantity, and they're usually referred to because the Three Wise Men. In Western custom, the three had been named Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, whereas Eastern Christians name them Larvandad, Hormisdas, and Gushnasaph.
Zoroaster, the nice non secular sage and chief, who's also called Zarathustra, might have been one of many Magi. The faith that he shaped, Zoroastrianism, which turned the dominant faith of Persia, was led by Magian clergymen.

In 637 C.E.,Arabs invaded Persia, and Islam changed Zoroastrianism within the area. But the Parsee faith, typically referred to as Farsi, is a direct descendant of Zoroastrianism and remains to be practiced in trendy Iran and India.