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Popol Vuh: Book of Creation Mayan Mythology

The Popol Vuh is the Quiché Mayan ebook of creation. It recounts the tales of gods and males from the start of the world to the founding of the Quiché kingdoms in Guatemala within the first millennium C.E. The story was first written down within the sixteenth century, through the early years of Spanish rule, by Mayan nobles who needed to protect their heritage.

The unique manuscript doc was rediscovered by a priest named Francisco Ximénez within the early eighteenth century. Ximénez made a replica and wrote out a Spanish translation. This copy survives to this present day. It was acquired by the University of San Carlos in Guatemala in 1830 however was taken by a French priest to Paris within the 1860s. In 1911, it was acquired by the Newberry Library in Chicago, the place it stays.

The Popol Vuh, or Council Book, begins with the gods assembling to design the world. They needed to create people however failed of their first three makes an attempt. When they finally succeeded, they went on to create a set of twins.

The first set of twins was One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu, who had been sons of Xpiyacoc, the divine matchmaker, and Xmucane, the divine midwife. One Hunahpu and Blood Woman, the daughter of one of the lords of the underworld, finally had one other set of twins. These twins had been Hunahpu and Xbalanque, also referred to as the Hero Twins.

The Quiché had been within the cycles of the seasons and the orientation and motion of our bodies within the heavens. So the adventures of the twins typically mirror seasonal and astronomical cycles, particularly these of the planet Venus.

The cycle of loss of life and rebirth is represented within the story when One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu journey to the underworld to die. After their loss of life, the cranium of One Hunahpu continues to be in a position to engender youngsters by spitting on Blood Woman, who rises to the earth. Blood Woman’s sons later journey to the underworld, overcome the lords, and rise because the Sun and Moon.

Following the story of the Hero Twins, who aren't actually human, the Popol Vuh returns to the story of the gods’ fourth try to create humankind. This time, they succeed, creating the first people: Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Mahucutah, and True Jaguar, the ancestors of the Quiché Maya.