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Pygmy Hog Facts


Sus salvanius (Hodgson, 1847), Sikkim Terai, India.


French: Sanglier nain; German: Zwergwildschwein; Spanish: Jabalí enano.


Length 20-28 in (50-71 cm); shoulder top 10-12 in (25-30 cm); weight 14.5-21 lb (6.6-9.7 kg). Aside from its smaller measurement, the one diagnostic characters of this species are its vestigial tail and the presence of solely three pairs of mammae in females. This species has no facial warts. The hair is agoutibanded and medium brown alongside the perimeters of the animal, darkening alongside the again. Piglets are faintly striped at two to 4 weeks of age. The tusks of males are uncovered, whereas these of females are usually not.


Now solely present in a couple of remoted populations in Manas Tiger Reserve in northwest Assam, making it the rarest suid on the earth.


Found solely in tall grassland habitats related to early successional riverine communities. Those grasslands dominated by Narenga porphyearocoma, Saccharum spontaneum, S. bengalensis, S. munja, Erianthus ravennae, Imperata cylindrica, and Themeda spp. are an important for pygmy hogs.


The essential social groupings are sounders containing a number of grownup females and their offspring and solitary males. Unique among the many suids in that it builds nests 12 months spherical, that are manufactured from grass leaves and constructed over shallow depressions within the floor. Both ####es and all age courses use nests on a nightly foundation.


Omnivorous, feeding on roots, tubers, grass leaves, shoots, fruits, seeds, bugs, worms, eggs, and small vertebrates.


Polygamous. Males will affiliate with estrous sows through the rut. Reproduction is extremely seasonal with breeding starting in late November and early December. Breeding could proceed into the spring in captivity. Females are in estrus for 3 to 4 days through the 21-day cycle, and gestation lasts 120 days. In the wild, there's a clearly outlined beginning peak from April-June. Litters common round 4 piglets (vary two to seven), weighing roughly 5.three oz (150 g) at beginning. Females are ####ually mature at 20 months, whereas males attain maturity at two to three years of age. In captivity, each ####es attain ####ual maturity at 10-11 months.


Considered Critically Endangered by the IUCN and is listed on Appendix I of CITES, in addition to on Schedule 1 of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. Also thought-about endangered by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The essential threats are loss and degradation of habitat due to human settlements, agriculture, flood management schemes, and improper administration. Tree planting in grasslands and using hearth to open up grasslands for brand new development have been detrimental. Hunting is changing into extra of a menace. The survival is carefully linked to the existence of the tall, moist grasslands. A conservation program was launched in 1995 as a cooperative effort among the many IUCN/SSC Pigs, Peccaries, and Hippos Specialist group, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, the Forest Department (Government of Assam) and the Ministry of Environment and Forests (Government of India), and consists of captive breeding, area analysis, and reintroduction.


Though they don't seem to be crop pests, searching of pygmy hogs for meat is rising. Their small measurement makes it a probably very helpful and beneficial genetic useful resource for biomedical analysis and additional domestication.