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Pygmy Possum Facts, Diet, Habitat, Information

Evolution and systematics

Fossils of pygmy possums have been present in central Australia, northern Queensland, and western Victoria, for the reason that starting of the Miocene (i.e., roughly 20-25 million years in the past). They had been largely related to rainforest habitats. The genus Burramys appears to have remained largely unchanged since these early varieties, thus forming a real dwelling fossil. The household is most intently associated to Acrobatidae. The burramyid household accommodates two genera, Burramys with just one species (B. parvus) and probably two dwelling subspecies, and Cercartetus with 4 species, three of which have two subspecies every. Burramys parvus, the mountain pygmy possum, actually is without doubt one of the most fun discovery tales of all mammals. It was first described in 1895, primarily based on a number of fragments of skulls and jaws from a collapse New South Wales. Its lengthy, blade-like (sectorial) premolar instantly caught the zoologists’ consideration, as comparable enamel had additionally been described for a number of rat-kangaroos (not to point out a very fossil order, Multituberculata). For a number of a long time, it was undecided whether or not this mysterious fossil belonged to the rat-kangaroos or to the possum group. In 1956, Dr. David Ride firmly acknowledged that Burramys was supposed to be an extinct possum. However, 11 years later, a reside specimen was caught in a snowboarding hut on Mount Hotham in Victoria, far above the snow line.

Physical traits

The pygmy possums intently resemble small dormice of the Northern Hemisphere, such because the hazel mouse ( Muscardinus avellanarius). Species vary in measurement from 2.3-2.7 in (6-7 cm) and 0.2 oz (7 g) within the smallest species, Cercartetus lepidus, to the biggest Burramys parvus with 4.Three in (11 cm) and 1.Four oz (40 g). Coat colours are largely brownish on the higher, creamcolored to grayish on the underside. Some species retailer fats within the tails.


The vary of the household as an entire covers elements of Australia (the southeast, together with Tasmania, the southern west, and a small a part of the Queensland moist tropics) and the central mountain vary of New Guinea. Burramys has been discovered, in fossil information, in a number of elements of japanese and central Australia.


Pygmy possums typically happen in moist sclerophyll or eucalypt forests. Cercartetus caudatus, the long-tailed pygmy possum, the one tropical species, lives within the mountain rainforests of New Guinea’s Central Cordillera above 4,900 ft (1,500 m), in a small space close to Townsville in tropical Queensland, and in addition in mountainous areas above 985 ft (300m). In New Guinea, specimens are sometimes trapped on the bottom in subalpine grasslands above the tree line. Extended torpor (up to six days period in C. lepidus) has been described in all species, both throughout winter or as every day torpor.


All species are nocturnal, and all routinely assemble nests of leaves, bark, and different plant materials, in tree hollows or as impartial constructions. Burramys parvus is terrestrial, dwelling in alpine meadows and boulder fields. All the opposite species are arboreal, utilizing their lengthy prehensile tails as a help or for steadiness when climbing small branches. It is acceptable to distinguish between the 2 genera, as they differ in lots of facets. In reality, they're solely united in a single household primarily based on anatomical and morphological traits. Mountain pygmy possums are solely present in two small areas between 4,265 and seven,300 ft (1,300 and a pair of,230 m) on the height of Mt. Kosciusko, the very best mountain in Australia. Its habitat largely is subalpine, shrubland, and meadows. Burramys has to address at the very least three months of snow cowl, throughout which period it tends to reside beneath the snow, climbing inside and between rock crevices, or climbing into bushes to accumulate seeds and berries. Burramys additionally shops fats beneath its pores and skin, and develops a thick fur in autumn. The heaviest animal ever present in autumn weighed Three oz (82 g). Adults have a tendency to enter hibernation sooner than juveniles, and might stay lethargic for intervals of up to 20 days. Another technique of vitality conservation is communal nesting. These nests are usually of both all males or all females, and may be discovered all year long, besides when females breed. The social group of Burramys is extra complicated than anticipated in such a small mammal. Up to 10 females (in all probability associated kin reminiscent of mom with daughters, granddaughters, and many others.) occupy communal, overlapping residence ranges. Female ranges are greater up within the mountains, in additional productive areas. Males go to these feminine ranges solely briefly for mating, and to migrate once more after breeding season, returning to their very own ranges in decrease much less productive areas of their habitat. Males are fairly tolerant of one another, each in captivity and even throughout breeding instances. It just isn't clear whether or not females evict males, or whether or not they to migrate on their very own, however the ensuing social/mating system is one in all feminine communal useful resource protection and male polygamy. Data on inhabitants construction and longevity are in accordance to trapping information, which is extremely female-biased, and present that females reside for up to 11 years, whereas males reside solely up to 4 years.

Feeding ecology and weight-reduction plan

Cercartetus caudatus is primarily insectivorous, but in addition may be discovered consuming flowers and probably plant exudates. Some species, significantly C. nanus, commonly go to flowering vegetation and feed on nectar and pollen predominantly. Others are extra insectivorous and even kill small lizards. Mountain pygmy possums feed on seeds, fruit, bugs, and different small invertebrates. In summer season, the Bogong moth (Agrotis infusa) is of specific dietary significance. Burramys shops solely laborious seeds, nuts, and many others., within the fall, whereas tender berries and fruits are eaten without delay. All species are prey for owls, carnivorous marsupials, snakes, and feral cats.

Reproductive biology

Females have 4 teats. The mountain pygmy possum mom rears 4 younger on her personal, as soon as per 12 months. Most possums are present in communal nests of up to 5 people. Females carry one to three younger, and these stay within the pouch till they're 0.2 oz (7 g), which is outstanding contemplating the truth that the moms themselves weigh solely 0.5-0.eight oz (15-24 g). The younger seem to change into impartial at a weight of above 0.35 oz (10 g). Breeding on this polygamous species happens twice per 12 months in Australia (January-February and August-November), indicated not solely by the distribution of pouch-gravid females but in addition by a regression in measurement of testes in males.

Conservation standing

Due to its very restricted vary, the mountain pygmy possum is assessed as Endangered. Habitat fragmentation and disturbance are essentially the most imminent risks for its survival. However, two long-term threats should even be thought-about: Global warming might simply change its alpine habitat into much less productive ones, and the inhabitants of Bogong moths is determined by each the quantity of rainfall in addition to the preservation of their very own habitats, which might be compromised by agricultural actions. All the opposite species belonging to the genus Cercartetus are presently not threatened in standing with regard to IUCN listings. However, C. lepidus is taken into account to be Vulnerable due to its contracted vary.