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Rakshasas in Hindu Mythology and Folklore

In Hindu mythology and folklore, the rakshasas have been a harmful race of humanhating demons. The phrase rakshasas means “destroyers.”

There is a few disagreement concerning the origin of the rakshasas. The god Brahma could have created the rakshasas, or they could have been the kids of Nirriti, goddess of demise. Their chief was referred to as Ravana.

Rakshasas have been shape-shifters, in a position to take human or animal kind, and some have been recognized to take the form of gorgeous ladies to lure human males to their doom. In their demon form, the rakshasas may very well be blue-skinned, yellowskinned, green-skinned, or often different colours. They had matted hair, massive bellies, and slits for eyes. Some have been mentioned to have five toes.

Humans had good purpose to concern these demons. Rakshasas liked to kill and eat people, and they thought nothing of disturbing sacred ceremonies to get their prey. They have been in a position to possess a human or reanimate a corpse.

Fortunately, the rakshasas have been silly. A human may escape the rakshasas just by addressing them as kinsmen. They would change into confused, pondering the human had abruptly change into one in all them, and let the human get away.