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Re/Ra/Pre/Re-Harakhety (Egyptian Mythology)

Re was the traditional Egyptian solar god.
Re was self-created from the primordial earth, after which went on to create air (Shu) and moisture (Tefnut). In his continuous cycle of rising and setting, Re symbolized the act of
As creator, Re was ruler of the gods, and, because the first mythic king of Egypt, he was carefully related to the monarchy. When Horus and Seth battled for the crown, Re judged between them.
Beginning with the reign of Djedefre through the fourth dynasty (c. 2584–2576 B.C.E.), Egyptian kings took the title Son of Re. Upon his demise, a king united with the Sun, a privilege that was later prolonged to all people who have been worthy.

Re had no partner however was carefully related to the goddesses who embodied the powers of his divine eye, resembling Hathor, Tefnut, Sekhmet, and Maat, the personification of fact and order. Although Re was self-created, the goddess Neith was typically stated to be his mom.

In literature, Re was typically described as an previous man. The hymn referred to as the “Litany of Re” listed his seventy-four types. Re was normally portrayed as a falcon-headed man or mummy or because the night Sun with the top of a ram. In every case, he wore a photo voltaic disk as a crown.

The Egyptians visualized the Sun’s journey across the sky in a wide range of methods. Perhaps the sky goddess, Nut, gave delivery to the Sun within the morning and swallowed or embraced it within the night.
Another clarification was that the god Nun lifted above the jap horizon a ship that held the photo voltaic scarab with the ball of the Sun. During every twelve-hour day, Re and his entourage traveled from east to west within the boat, often known as the mandjet-barque.

In the sixth by way of eighth hours, Re and his crew had to defeat the monstrous serpent Apep. At sundown, they boarded the mesktet-barque, a particular boat designed to traverse the duat, a area throughout the physique of Nut or under the earth. In the duat, the Sun was believed to awaken the useless. Jackals towed the night-boat from west to east, the place, once more, Apep had to be defeated. Re and his crew emerged triumphant every daybreak. The Greeks knew Re as Helios.