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Rocs Birds in Arabian Folklore

Rocs (Rucs/Rukhs/Rukhkhs) had been immense legendary birds of Arabian folklore. Rocs had been so sturdy that they might carry off elephants, their favourite food, and had been so enormous that the unfold of their wings might blot out the Sun. They had been greatest described in The Arabian Nights: The Thousand and One Nights (c. 800–900 C.E.), in the second voyage of Sinbad.

The heroic Sinbad was trapped and tied himself to a roc’s leg. The roc carried him out of hazard. Sinbad described the roc’s egg, which was so enormous he had mistaken it for a terrific, white, domed constructing. The roc was proven to be vengeful, dropping rocks to sink the ships of those that had killed a roc chick.

The Venetian service provider Marco Polo additionally talked about the roc, however he claimed that it lived in Madagascar and that envoys from that nation introduced the good khan of China with a roc feather. It is feasible that each the roc and the chook described by Marco Polo really was the flightless, ostrichlike big elephant chook (Aepyornis maximus), which lived in Madagascar, probably as late as 1700.