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Sekhmet - Facts and Information Of Egyptian Goddess

Sekhmet (rendered in Greek as Sakhmis) is the title of the horrible Goddess of struggle and battle who's normally represented as a lioness or a girl with the pinnacle of a lioness.

Her title, which implies 'the Powerful,’ is solely a title of Hathor which was given to Hathor on the event when within the type of a lioness she hurled herself on the lads who had rebelled in opposition to Ra. As we've already seen she attacked them with such fury that the solar God, fearing the extermination of the human race, begged her to arrest the carnage. 'By thy life,’ she answered him, 'once I slay males my coronary heart rejoices,’ and she refused to spare her victims. For this motive she was later given the title Sekhmet and represented within the type of a savage lioness. In order to save what remained of the human race Ra had recourse to a stratagem. He unfold across the bloody battlefield seven thousand jugs containing a magic potion composed of beer and pomegranate juice. Sekhmet, who was thirsty, mistook this crimson liquid for human blood and drank it so avidly that she grew to become too drunk to contin ue the slaughter. The human race was saved; however to appease the Goddess, Ra decreed that 'on that day there needs to be brewed in her honour as many jugs of the philtre as there have been priestesses of the solar.’ This was henceforth accomplished yearly on the feast day of Hathor. The nice bloodbath had taken place on the twelfth day of the primary month of winter; thus the calendar of fortunate and unfortunate days fastidiously notes: 'Hostile, hostile, hostile is the 12th Tybi. Avoid seeing a mouse on at the present time; for it's the day when Ra gave the order to Sekhmet.'

The Goddess was known as 'the beloved of Ptah;’ for, although initially a divinity of Latopolis, she joined the Memphis Triad as Ptah's spouse, bearing him a son, Nefertum. Attached to her cult had been bone-setters who, along with her intercession, cured fractures.