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Shoten: Japanese God of Wisdom

Shoten is the Japanese model of Gaheśa, an Indian god of knowledge who has the pinnacle of an elephant. Gaheśa is worshiped by some sects of Bud- dhism, who see him as a mighty male god embracing a feminine Buddha-to-be. This is a symbolic reminder of the stability between female and male energy and attributes. It additionally symbolizes how a follower should embrace and be embraced by the Buddha.

The god has nice energy. At instances, he could make issues tough for a believer, giving him trials to overcome. At different instances, he could take away these trials. A believer’s wrestle to overcome such difficulties helps him obtain enlightenment.

In the traditional Indian myths the place Gaheśa originates, he's the son of Śiva. Śiva is the god of destruction or dying, who works carefully along with his spouse Śakti, the maternal goddess or goddess of life. They are sometimes proven working collectively, and it's doubtless that some of Shoten’s portrayals in artwork have been influenced by Śiva.