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Silver Moon Jaci Mythology

Jaci is the feminine silver Moon, who figures within the following Amazon creation fantasy from Brazil: Jaci was wandering by means of the Amazon forest when she noticed the Sun. He was a good-looking warrior, with fiery eyes, a golden complexion, and radiant energy. The Sun observed Jaci and fell in love together with her silvery magnificence and shy methods. As they declared their love for one another, the Sun started to burn with such a ardour that he realized he was in peril of burning up the Earth itself.

At the identical time, Jaci was so overcome with love that she started to cry tears of happiness, almost flooding the Earth. Helpless to management their feelings, Jaci and the Sun determined it was too harmful for them to keep collectively. Reluctantly, they agreed by no means to meet in the identical spot once more. The Sun quickly forgot about Jaci, who made certain by no means to present herself till the Sun went to sleep.

However, Jaci was so heartbroken that she cried each night time. Her tears dripped on the forest leaves, puddling on the forest ground, and working down the mountains, creating the good Amazon River.