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Sius: God of Sun in Hittite Mythology

Sius was the Hittite solar god and was generally moreover listed as king of the gods. He was a god of justice and an ally of Teshub, the storm god.
It was Sius who first seen the large Ullikummi in the ocean and warned Teshub, refusing to eat till he had finished delivering his message.

In one other fantasy, Teshub’s son, Telepinu, disappeared, which prompted a famine. Sius organized a feast, however his efforts couldn't alleviate the people’s starvation. At Teshub’s request, Sius dispatched an eagle to seek for Telepinu, however the chicken was unsuccessful. Finally, a bee found Telepinu. Sius had the people carry out a ritual, presumably one of thanksgiving and magical significance.

In one other model of this missing-god fantasy, Sius was lacking. He was kidnapped by the ocean god, who caught him in a internet as he sank under the horizon. During Sius’s absence, Hahhimas (frost) took maintain. Sius was rescued by Telepinu.