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Tecciztecatl (Teccuciztecatl): The Aztec Moon God

Tecciztecatl (Teccuciztecatl) the Moon god of the Aztec. Also generally known as Meztli, Tecciztecatl is the Moon personified. He is commonly proven as an outdated man with a white shell on his again and with wings like a butterfly’s. At the time of creation, Tecciztecatl had an opportunity to turn into the Sun, however he hesitated. This is what occurred:

At the start of the Fifth Sun, the standard god Nanautzin was chosen to carry mild to the world. Tecciztecatl, the cocky outdated seashell god, volunteered for the job as effectively. So they each fasted and made choices in preparation. Tecciztecatl’s choices had been very pleasing to the gods. Then the time got here once they had been to throw themselves into a fireplace as a sacrifice to create the Sun. Tecciztecatl was given the primary probability, however he was afraid. Four occasions he made an try however turned again. Then Nanautzin quietly walked into the hearth and disappeared.

Shamed, Tecciztecatl ran in after him. The two gods quickly appeared within the sky as two shining objects, Nanautzin the Sun, Tecciztecatl the Moon. The different gods thought that Tecciztecatl was such a braggart that he shouldn't shine as brightly because the Sun. They determined to throw a rabbit across his face, which dimmed the sunshine. The form of the rabbit remains to be seen on the face of the Moon. In Aztec mythology Tecciztecatl was ultimately changed by the Moon goddess Coyolxauhqui.