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Tefnut Goddess in Egyptian Mythology

The Egyptian goddess Tefnut was the counterpart and consort of her brother Shu, the air god. The that means of her title just isn't identified, however, like her husband, she had an atmospheric affiliation, maybe as moist air.

Both Tefnut and Shu got here forth from the nostril or mouth of the primordial god, Atum. Together, they produced the earth god, Geb, and his sister, the sky goddess, Nut. Artists depicted Tefnut as a lioness or as a lady with the top of a lion.

Tefnut was identified with the governing principal of maat, or order, as Shu was with forces of change. She additionally was identified with the attention of the solar god, Re, which introduced her into shut affiliation with different goddesses, equivalent to Hathor and Sekhmet.

Certain texts inform of a quarrel between Tefnut and Re. The goddess ran away to sulk in Nubia. Re despatched Thoth, god of knowledge, to persuade her to return. Ultimately profitable, Thoth returned with the pacified Tefnut, who was generally thought of to be Thoth’s spouse.