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Telepinu/Telepinus God in Hittite Mythology

Called the noble god, Telepinu was an agricultural deity of the Hittite pantheon and the firstborn and favourite son of the storm god. It was Telepinu who launched plows, harrowing, and irrigation.

In one fantasy, Telepinu was angered and stormed off onto the huge steppes. There, he was overcome by weariness and fell right into a deep sleep. Without the god of agriculture, the lands, crops, and herds misplaced their fertility. Both gods and people had been confronted with the peril of famine.

The goddess Hannahanna was requested for assist. She despatched one among her bees after Telepinu, which discovered him and stung his fingers and toes to awaken him. This made Telepinu even angrier, and he despatched floods that destroyed homes.

At final, the gods discovered a manner to take away Telepinu’s anger by magic. Telepinu went dwelling, and fertility was restored to the land.
In one other fantasy, Telepinu’s father requested him to deliver again the solar god from the ocean god. Telepinu so frightened the ocean god that he not solely gained the day however was given the hand of the ocean god’s daughter as effectively.