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Tezcatlipoca God - Mirror That Smokes

Tezcatlipoca, The Aztec and Toltec god thought-about Quetzalcoatl’s reverse. He was in every single place and in every thing—a supreme god, a creator god, the Sun god, god of the north and of the chilly, god of darkness, the supply or supplier of each good and dangerous luck, and the patron of battle and warriors and of these thought-about brave.

He is believed by some students to be a real god—an all-highly effective, all-current deity—as a result of he had so many types and a lot energy. He might look into his obsidian mirror and see the longer term. He knew every thing people had been up to, and he judged their actions, usually sternly. Still, Tezcatlipoca was a trickster, able to altering form, and impulsive.

According to some tales, Tezcatlipoca was a son of the nice god Ometeotl in his first pair of points, Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl, together with the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl, the god of battle Huitzilopochtli, and the god of rebirth and renewal Xipe Totec. As a creator god he dominated the First Sun. The creation and destruction of the 4 Suns or ages of Aztec mythology are primarily based on the continued battle between Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl.

In one story of the Toltec, Tezcatlipoca tried to conquer Quetzalcoatl so he might rule. Capable of adjusting form and taking over many disguises, Tezcatlipoca tricked Quetzalcoatl into ingesting numerous wine. While Quetzalcoatl was drunk, Tezcatlipoca slept along with his daughter and overtook the Toltec armies. He then lulled the people into nice sleepiness with music. Next he took a puppet determine of Quetzalcoatl and, whereas the people laughed on the puppet, circled and stoned it. The stones was waste that polluted the land.

Next, Tezcatlipoca brought about an awesome volcano to erupt and, over its final burning coals, roasted corn. After a lot devastation, the remaining Toltec got here out of hiding once they smelled the roasting corn. But it was one other trick. As quickly as that they had come to declare the food, Tezcatlipoca killed all of them, hoping nonetheless to get Quetzalcoatl as properly. By this time Quetzalcoatl had woke up and was grieving deeply, however he eluded Tezcatlipoca and prevailed, crusing to eternity on a raft of serpents.

When the Spanish arrived and started to power Meso-Americans to convert to Catholicism, they related Tezcatlipoca to the satan and labored to rid him completely from the native mythology and suppress his id as a god. Gradually Tezcatlipoca grew to become unimportant within the on a regular basis lives of the people. Today his title is talked about solely as a literary determine, a personality within the outdated tales.