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The Ethiopian Mythology: Facts and Information

The hardships of life in Ethiopia and Eritrea, which break up off from Ethiopia as a separate nation in 1993, are identified world wide. This bleak land and its people carry a protracted historical past and wealthy mythology.

Menelik I

The historical Aksumite kingdom flourished in northern Ethiopia from roughly 100 to 600 C.E. The metropolis of Aksum is believed to be the place Menelik I, the supposed son of the queen of Sheba, or Balkis, and King Solomon introduced the Ark of the Covenant from Jerusalem. For the people of Ethiopia, town, which is now in ruins, remains to be thought to be the traditional residence and capital metropolis of Balkis.

The Emperor Haile Selassie, who reigned till 1963, was believed to have descended straight from King Solomon and Balkis. The story of Menelik I is probably going pure delusion. There in all probability was a queen of Sheba, however she would have dominated over the land of Saba in southern Arabia. She and King Solomon in all probability by no means met, not to mention had the love affair that produced this son.


Ethiopia is primarily an Islamic nation, however traces of the area’s mythology nonetheless stay. Some people proceed to comply with the older religions, and their lore is value pursuing by these fascinated by tales.

Illalei is the Supreme Being and creator among the many Burji-Konso tribes of Ethiopia. He is elsewhere known as Wak. He lives within the clouds and retains the heavens at a distance from the earth. A kindhearted god, it's Illalei who put stars within the heavens to maintain the evening alive.
When the world was first made, Illalei noticed that it was too flat. He instructed the first man to construct a coffin, shut Illalei in it, and bury the coffin. The first man did this. Illalei drew down a rain of fire for seven years, which fashioned the mountains. Then Illalei sprang again to life.

The first man grew lonely, so Illalei fashioned a lady out of his personal blood. The first manand lady had thirty youngsters however hid half ofthem from Illalei. The god was so offended atthis deception that he modified the fifteen hidden youngsters into the animals and the demons.

Other Mythical Figures

The three chief gods, of their order of rank, are Beher, the god of the ocean, Mahrem, the warriorgod, who was supreme god within the Axumite Empire, and Astar, the sky god. The earth spirit known as Medr, and Ekera, within the faith of the Oromo of Ethiopia, is the afterworld.

Current occasions present persevering with Challenges in Ethiopia and its neighboring nations. Yet regardless of this adversity, the mythology of this land survives.