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The Letter Gods in Meso-America Mythology

The Letter gods in accordance to Meso-American Mythology was a system students have used to establish the Mayan gods and goddesses that seem in the codices and in different writings.
Some of the gods have been recognized with named gods; others appear to don't have any names. There was no God J.
God A : God of demise; could also be Ah Puch.
God B : God of rain and thunder; could also be Chac or Kukulcan.
God C : God of the North Star; usually proven with symbols or indicators of different heavenly our bodies.
God D : God of the Moon and nighttime sky; could also be Kukulcan or Itzámna.
God E : God of corn; could also be Yum Kaax.
God F : God of sacrifice and struggle. Human sacrifices might have been made to honor him.
God G : God of the Sun; the Sun personified.
God H : This could also be Kukulcan as a serpent; in any other case, it's an unknown god who's proven having scales.
Goddess I : Goddess of water; could also be Ix Chel. This is the damaging, not the life-giving, facet of water.
God Okay : God of the wind; could also be Itzámna.
God L : An unknown god generally referred to as “The Old Black God.”
God M : God of touring retailers; could also be Ex Chuah.
God N : Sometimes referred to as “God of the End of the Year,” an in any other case unknown god. Shown as an previous man with the image for the Haab year (360 days) on his headdress, he represents the 5 unfortunate days on the finish of the photo voltaic calendar year. During the competition of this time, the Maya made clay figures of God N and carried them out of the village to symbolically take away dangerous fortune.
Goddess O : Described each because the goddess of previous age for ladies and the goddess of home life. She is a patroness of married girls.
God P : Sometimes referred to as “Frog God,” a water god related to agriculture. He is proven with froglike options.