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The Sibus: Meso-American Mythology Gods

In South and Meso-American mythology there are two gods named Sibu . Both are creator gods—one of many Bribri in southern Costa Rica and northern Panama, and the opposite of a number of teams of the Andes in Peru.

Sibu of the Bribri

Sibu is the god of creation, and all the pieces that exists is inside his home. A Bribri delusion explains that as Sibu was constructing his home, he realized he wanted robust vines to connect the logs and thatch the roof. The home had to be very tall as a result of it wanted to attain to the constellation Pleiades, the middle of Sibu’s universe. Ordinary forest vines wouldn't be robust sufficient to maintain the thatch collectively, so Sibu used a whisker from a serpent that lived within the ocean waters.

This labored completely; it was so lengthy and thick that Sibu wanted solely to reduce it lengthwise to make all of the rope he wanted. When the home was completed, he requested all of the village people to come and see it. They refused to go inside as a result of the Sun was setting and the one gentle was the little bit that got here from the Moon. But Sibu urged them to come, and after they did, they discovered gentle got here from the knots of the serpent’s whisker. The Bribri know this gentle as the celebs of the nighttime sky. The conventional home of the Bribri is patterned after Sibu’s home—spherical and tall with a thatched roof.

Sibu of the Andes

As the world was being created, the bat left guano on rocks that Sibu had created. All sorts of crops, flowers, and timber grew from these rocks. The bat then flew into the underworld and started sucking the blood from the Earth. This infuriated the people of the underworld a lot that they wove a web to entice the bat after which chopped it in two. Sibu didn't need the bat destroyed, so he sewed it again collectively. However, the one method he might assure that the bat’s intestines can be of their right place was to sew the bat’s head on in a method that precipitated it to cling down barely, which it does at this time.