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The Unicorn's Prophecy

Confucius was an actual man, a well-known trainer who lived between 551 and 479 B.C.His start title was Kung Qiu [Kung Chew]. The phrase Confucius is a translation of “Master Kung,” the title given to him by his followers. As was true for a lot of different Chinese historic figures, myths such because the Unicorn’s Prophecy sprang up round Confucius’s life. At the time of Confucius’s start, China was in chaos.

Poor people had no manner to enhance their lives. Confucius launched a system of beliefs to change the nation. This system, which got here to be referred to as Confucianism, was primarily based on a number of easy concepts: Rulers couldn't drive others to do their bidding, however as a substitute ought to lead by persuasion and good instance. Many of Confucius’s concepts have been revolutionary for his time. For a short interval, Confucius was given a minor authorities job which he administered brilliantly.

However, regardless of his success as an advisor to royalty, corruption within the royal family quickly compelled him out of his place. He was by no means once more in a position to persuade the lords and princes of his time to overlook his humble beginnings and decide his concepts on their very own benefit. Confucius spent the remainder of his life instructing and rewriting the classical literature of China. His followers saved his teachings alive after his loss of life. In A.D. 59, greater than 4 hundred years after his loss of life, Confucius was acknowledged as a heavenly being by the emperor of the Han dynasty.

Emperors adopted his concepts about good authorities and constructed faculties in his honor. This story introduces the unicorn, the Chi-lin [Chee leen], an animal sacred to the Chinese. It doesn't resemble the unicorn in European myths, however is a mixture of many animals, together with the deer, ox, dragon, and horse. A peaceable, timid animal, the Chi-lin left the harmless alone, however when angered, gored evil people with its horn. Trustworthy troopers and truthful judges wore the symbol of the Chi-lin on their clothes to remind them of their duties. In the fourteenth century, an actual giraffe was despatched to the imperial court docket, and plenty of observers claimed it was the reincarnation of the legendary Chi-lin.

Once there was a really sort lady named Cheng who lived in Shandong province in northwestern China. Loved and revered by everybody, she longed desperately for a kid. Night and day, she prayed for a son. However, her husband scolded her for wanting one other mouth to feed. Once he had been a nobleman, however he had misplaced all his cash. Afterward, all his previous associates averted him and he turned deeply ashamed of his poverty. Luckily, Cheng was keen to marry him. One day, Cheng undertook an extended journey to a distant temple to pray for a kid. Her husband angrily refused to accompany her. The villagers all admired her bravery for making an attempt the journey to such an remoted place.

The path was steep and rocky. Cheng felt alone on the earth as she wound her manner across the slender, stony path. Her chest harm as she breathed the chilly, skinny mountain air. In her pocket quietly jingled a string of cash, her meager earnings from promoting embroidery out there. She hoped to purchase prayers, incense, and fruit for the temple goddesses. Cheng had to dodge branches and keep away from disturbing the rocks within the street. She was cautious to tread flippantly on the bottom as a result of she needed to make as little noise as doable. She didn't need to appeal to the eye of hungry tigers that roamed the hills, prepared to pounce on simple prey. Even worse, bandits may discover her.

Once, these robbers had been hardworking farmers, however grasping lords took their crops, taxed them, stole their wives, enslaved their youngsters, and took their land. After years of humiliation and hunger, the farmers’ hearts turned to stone. Desperate and famished, they become robbers who roamed the countryside, stealing food and killing people. Over the years, the bandits had turn out to be extra ruthless than any wild beast within the mountains. As Cheng walked rigorously alongside the dust path, she stepped in some faint animal footprints. As she checked out them, the picture of the footprints grew stronger and clearer. They have been formed like horse’s hooves, solely a lot bigger. As she examined the hoof prints intently, her coronary heart full of pleasure. Could these be the footprints of the magic unicorn, the Chi-lin? From childhood tales, Cheng knew that the Chi-lin appeared as an omen of peace. But her world was something however peaceable. Poor people had identified solely concern, warfare, and strife. As the girl continued to gaze on the mysterious footprints on the bottom, a heat breeze swept over her physique.

She heard a lightweight rustling of leaves, and a wonderful creature stepped ahead from the timber. It was fifteen ft tall and lined with a pale yellow cover. Large spots like darkish purple clouds and purple mists lined its deer-shaped physique. On its head, a single skin-covered fleshy horn sat between its ears. At its rear, an extended tail switched gently to and fro like an ox’s. Its horselike hooves stepped flippantly on the earth in order that it harmed no residing creature. Its dragonlike neck moved in a sluggish, stately, fluid rhythm. Its massive black eyes have been as mushy as moist dew. Indeed, it was the Chi-lin, the magic unicorn, strolling towards her. The lady watched the unicorn with a combination of concern and awe.

The lovely creature approached the girl and stopped earlier than her. To Cheng’s shock, the Chi-lin bowed its head and dropped a bit of jade from its mouth on the lady’s ft. When the creature spoke, its voice was like a transparent, mushy, faraway monastery bell. The Chi-lin informed Cheng that quickly she would bear a son who could be an ideal ruler, however one with out topics, a king and not using a throne. Then the unicorn bowed gracefully and disappeared again into the shadows of the timber. Carefully, Cheng picked up the piece of jade. The Chilin’s message puzzled her, and the lustrous jade appeared to maintain deep secrets and techniques under its cloudy floor. The stone felt naturally chilly, but warmed up rapidly within the palm of her hand. The jade appeared dense and cloudy, but the longer she checked out it, the clearer and extra clear it appeared. Jade was tougher than the bronze cash in her pocket, but Cheng knew it may very well be carved into fluid shapes like twisting dragons, chirping bugs, and tumbling clouds. When she struck the fantastic stone, the jade emitted a low-pitched musical be aware that impressed consolation and hope in Cheng’s coronary heart.

Cheng fervently hoped that the unicorn would deliver peace to the troubled world. She rushed residence to inform her husband concerning the magical encounter, her footsteps scattering the stones that she as soon as rigorously averted. True to the unicorn’s prophecy, Cheng rejoiced on the start of a son one year later. Cheng named him Kung Qiu. She placed the unicorn’s jade round his neck to shield him towards illnesses and accidents.

Three years after the kid’s start, Kung Qiu’s father died, and the boy was raised by his mom in poverty deeper than ever earlier than. Gifted with an distinctive reminiscence, Kung Qiu remembered all the things that he noticed and heard. The boy beloved to learn and recite passages from classical literature. Despite his wonderful mind, or due to it, Kung Qiu was continually teased as a toddler. He was not good-looking and had a excessive, broad, protruding brow. By the time the boy grew up, he was an enormous, nearly seven ft tall. Kung Qiu had many good concepts. Unfortunately, no lords paid consideration to him as a result of he was poor.

However, he determined to train his beliefs to anybody who would hear. He was a strong speaker, and he attracted a loyal following of three thousand people who referred to as him Master Kung. His beliefs taught people how to behave decently towards one another.

    To study with out considering is deadly, however to suppose with out studying is simply as dangerous.
    Do not fear if nobody is aware of you, however be worthy of being identified.
    A superb man can affect these above him: the inferior man can affect solely these under him.
    Do not do to others what you don't want accomplished to you.

Master Kung, the enormous, had certainly fulfilled the unicorn’s prophecy. He was a king and not using a throne, a ruler and not using a kingdom. Yet his concepts have been true to the spirit of the Chi-lin, and so they introduced order and peace all through the land.