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The Water War: Chinese Legend Myths

Gong the water god is an historical destroyer god who wrestled for management of the earth shortly after the creation of people. His predecessor, Zurong the fireplace god, dominated the world peacefully earlier than him. When Gong grew to become the ruler, he needed to broaden his affect by rising the quantity of water within the universe—within the ratio of seventenths water to three-tenths dry land. To obtain his purpose, Gong despatched torrential rains and got here shut to destroying the world in a fierce energy wrestle with the fireplace god. Nuwa, the creator of people, seems on this fantasy to counteract the 2 gods’ damaging forces.

Although traditionally the 2 warring gods have most frequently been offered as giants, some work present Gong as having a snake’s physique and a human face with purple hair. Zurong is historically proven with an enormous human physique that includes broad shoulders, purple pores and skin, and a purple beard. Both gods have horrible tempers.

In historical tales, the earth was seen as a flat sq., and the sky was a dome held up at every of the 4 corners by a excessive mountain peak, one among which is the Buzhow Mountain, talked about within the story. In actuality, Chinese mathematicians had already calculated that the earth was a sphere by the primary century A.D., lengthy earlier than Gong the water god’s first look in classical historical past texts.

Gong the water god pummeled the world with incessant bouts of rain and floods. The deluges battered houses into piles of garbage, they usually toppled historical bushes. Great mountains crumbled and crashed into the swelling muddy rivers. Gong confirmed no mercy as 1000's of people and animals perished on the soggy, bloated earth.

The different gods prevented Gong as a result of his fury was so intense. They watched silently as their moats, villages, and temples had been destroyed, one after the other. Finally, Zurong, the fireplace god, determined that Gong had gone too far. Zurong was irritated by the opposite gods’ cowardice, and he didn't approve of his successor’s plans to reshape the earth into water-heavy proportions.

So Zurong challenged Gong to regain management of the earth. Gong gladly met his rival in fight. As the 2 highly effective forces wrestled one another across the firmament, the sky shook with thunder, and lightning flashed across the sky. For days, they grappled, wrestled, and pinned one another larger and better within the skies till they lastly cracked the dome of heaven.

When neither god may achieve management, Gong challenged Zurong to restage their battle on earth. Zurong gladly accepted the challenge. Gong swept down to earth, inserting legions of his strongest troopers on a floating raft product of bamboo reeds. It was ablaze with flags, drums, and the cries of a thousand battle-thirsty males. The raft surged across the water, sending jagged waves breaking across the ocean. Huge sprays of seafoam bubbled and frothed across the raft.

Zurong placed himself strategically within the path of Gong’s warriors. As Gong’s battle raft approached, Zurong blasted forth an enormous, towering pillar of fireplace. The leaping flames had been sucked into the hole cores of the raft’s bamboo poles, which burst into flame, plunging Gong’s troopers to their watery deaths.

Gong jumped off the burning raft and dove down into the ocean. Quickly, the water god known as forth all his loyal topics: the large turtles, shrimp, crabs, and lobsters of the waters. Out of the deep sea, monsters rose with large horns and wings like bats. The water god smiled as he surveyed his mighty forces. Unlike his human military, these water warriors had their very own protecting armor. They lived within the sea and couldn't die by drowning. At Gong’s command, they stirred up waves as excessive as mountains to quell the fireplace god.

Gong cried to his rival, “You cannot win this war. I am the superior force. Admit it! ”

Although Zurong had nobody available to assist him, he retorted, “No, you will never be the superior force; you are nothing more than a cowardly tyearant.” Then Zurong whirled and drew up all his power. He inhaled each particle of warmth, spark, and ember in his being, and blew out a blast of fireplace on the insurgent warriors. The warmth of his flames scorched and burned the ocean creatures to cinders inside their very own armor. The sea grew to become a floating mass of grit, shell, and ash.

The mighty Gong was defeated, his military lifeless or dispersed. All the gods rejoiced in Gong’s defeat. Humiliated, Gong fled to the west till he reached the Buzhow Mountain. In his rage, he rammed his head into the head. His blow splintered off the sharp mountain peak and despatched it flying upward, punching an enormous gap within the sky. The dome of heaven, already fractured from the gods’ wrestling match, now cracked right into a thousand fissures surrounding the gaping gap. At as soon as, lethal creatures from past the heavens swooped down by the darkness to descend upon the earth.

At the identical time, the power of Gong’s blow break up open the crust of the earth. Exploding mountains spewed forth sizzling rocks to scorch the land. Liquid fireplace oozed from each crevice, and smoke belched from the cracked floor. While the unsteady earth rocked and lurched, forest fires raged, and mountain lakes burst their containing partitions, sending extra particles to the shattered villages beneath. All the gods, together with Zurong, had been surprised. But they had been powerless to save their collapsing world.

As Nuwa watched the destruction going down on earth, the goddess grew to become livid. She raced to discover rocks of 5 sacred colours—black, white, purple, inexperienced, and yellow—and smelted them collectively in an enormous bonfire. Using this sacred combination, she started little by little to mend the outlet within the sky. All the whereas, she cursed on the carelessness of the gods who had precipitated this devastation. Next, Nuwa scooped up miles and miles of river rushes and stuffed up each burning crack she may discover. As their ashes settled within the crevices, the earth subsided. Nuwa ripped up extra river rushes, willows, and branches to dam the bursting rivers. The waters, too, slowed down to a rumble after which flowed easily and swiftly to the ocean. Then Nuwa salvaged the massive legs of a lifeless warrior turtle to maintain up the sky, like pillars, within the 4 corners of the world. As she propped up the northwest nook, nevertheless, the earth tilted up within the west and slipped down low within the east, and take a look at as she may, she was unable to degree the sky.

Finally, Nuwa lashed collectively twelve bamboo reeds to make a flute. She formed the instrument just like the tail of the phoenix, the fowl of peace. She taught the people to blow by the flute to create clear, soothing notes, and she or he advised the people to have coronary heart, for music from a bamboo flute can vanquish all fears.
Because of the carelessness of the gods, the unquiet earth nonetheless suffers and sometimes rumbles and breaks. Forever after, heaven and earth are tilted towards the northwest. That is why the moon and stars transfer in that path and why the rivers of China plunge downward across the nation to spill into the jap sea.