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Thor: Norse god of thunder

Thor, the Norse god of thunder , usually was portrayed as a powerfully constructed man with flaming purple or red-gold hair and beard. This mighty warrior had gloves of iron and a magic belt known as Megingjard that doubled his energy. His favourite weapon was his hammer, Mjollnir. Thor threw Mjollnir to make the lightning flash, and it at all times returned to his hand.

During thunderstorms, Thor was believed to be driving across the heavens in his chariot pulled by two goats, Tanngrisni (gap-tooth) and Tanngnost (tooth-grinder). Whenever Thor grew hungry, he would slay and eat the goats, who would then magically return to life.
Thor’s dwelling was his corridor, Bilskirnir, which he shared along with his spouse, Sif. He additionally had a long-lasting affair with a lady of the giants, Jarnsaxa, by whom he had three kids: two sons, Magni and Modi, and a daughter, Thrud.

Thor and Thrym
A large known as Thrym stole Thor’s hammer and demanded the hand of Freya, the goddess of love and wonder, in trade. This was out of the query, so Thor and the mischievous Loki devised a plot to get the hammer again.

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Thor disguised himself as Freya and set offfor Thrym’s corridor. There, the giants have been amazed at how a lot the “bride” ate and drank, however Loki defined that this was as a result of she had not eaten or drunk for 9 days in anticipation of at the present time. Thrym wished to kiss his bride, however he was delay by her fiery eyes and ruddy complexion. Loki defined that she was feverish from lack of sleep.

Eager to get the wedding over and accomplished, Thrym had the magic hammer placed on the bride’s knees, as was the customized. This was a deadly error. Thor, shedding his disguise, took up the hammer. Soon, all of the giants within the corridor lay useless.

The Midgard Serpent
Thor was an awesome fisherman and determined to catch the last word prize: the Midgard serpent. This extremely giant snake encircled the world, holding its tail in its mouth.

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Thor sailed out with the large Hymir as information and took the boat farther out to sea than Hymir would usually have ventured. Thor baited his hook and solid his line, hooking the Midgard serpent.
An amazing battle ensued between god and beast. Thor started to win the savage battle, and might need killed the serpent, however the terrified Hymir, positive he could be drowned, minimize the road. The pressure of the release despatched Thor crashing again into Hymir, and the large was drowned.

In one other model of this story, after Hymir minimize the road, Thor struck him an indignant blow that hurled the large overboard. Hymir managed to climb again aboard the boat, whereas Thor waded ashore.

Odin, the supreme god and creator, was the popular god of the Norse noblemen. But his son Thor was a deity of the widespread man. This was maybe as a result of Odin was a reasonably ambiguous figure and worship of him included human sacrifice. Thor was benevolent towards mankind and didn’t demand sacrifice.