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Tlazolteotl (TlAcolteutl) - Filth Eater Mythology

Tlazolteotl (TlAcolteutl, Filth Eater, Lady of Witches) - The Aztec/Nahua goddess of vice; additionally a goddess of the Moon, Earth, and curing, and the forgiver of sins. Some additionally contemplate Tlazolteotl because the mom of the corn god Cinteotl and the goddess of flowers Xochiquetzal.

The Aztec believed that Tlazolteotl held and managed all of the magic within the universe. Tlazolteotl had 4 features, or sides—all witches who rode on broomsticks by means of the night time and visited locations the place roads or paths crossed.

They additionally visited people once they had been making essential choices, often involving a selection that might have or unlucky or evil consequence. When an Aztec was about to die, she or he made sacrifices and confessed to a priest all of the wrongs dedicated throughout his or her lifetime. These wrongs may include not performing in accordance with the gods, making inappropriate sacrifices, or performing cowardly throughout struggle. If the priest believed the confession to be sincere, he would supply absolution. The sins can be eaten by Tlazolteotl, and the individual’s soul would develop into pure once more.