Top 10 Anti-Ageing Remedies and Tips

Skin ageing is a state that threatens each one of us. Everybody wants to feel young and exuberant always. This article will discuss the top five causes of skin ageing and their remedies.We all want to live to a ripe old age without looking a day over twenty-nine! Unfortunately, aging is a fact of life that occurs as the body’s ability to function declines.

The process of aging—marked by wrinkles, aching joints, fatigue, and loss or graying of hair—is accelerated by a poor diet, lack of exercise, excessive exposure to sunlight’s ultraviolet rays, and lifestyle choices including smoking and drug use. These and other factors increase free-radical activity. Free radicals are highly unstable molecules that damage the cells’ DNA and interfere with the cells’ ability to function. A number of herbs function as antioxidants, which effectively eliminate free radicals.

These herbs include Ginkgo biloba, ginger, parsley, and milk thistle. Other herbs contain flavonoids, naturally occurring compounds that can improve the strength of your body’s capillaries (tiny blood vessels), and therefore your circulation (something that is often impaired as we age). These herbs include berries, cherries, black currants, elderberries, horsetail, and milk thistle.

Natural Anti-Aging Remedies

Skin has a natural tendency to age and loose its glow. One cannot avoid this fact. However, you can follow some of the natural anti-aging remedies to slow the skin aging. Otherwise, opting for anti-ageing creams and lotions cost you a bomb and still you fail to get the desired results. We will let you know about the top five natural anti-ageing remedies that will help you keep your skin fresh and smooth, like you have always wanted to.

Cleanse away dead skin

The foremost step to keep your skin glowing and healthy is the removal of the dead cells from the surface. Cleansing agents like milk and honey have always been known for removing dead skin cells, harsh make-up and other surface dirt particles. A blend containing equal amounts of milk, honey and a mild liquid soap if applied as a cleanser twice a day helps in keeping skin fresh and glowing.

Protection from large pores

One big sign of skin ageing is the formation of stretched and large pores that can easily clog dirt and impurities. Applying a blend of lemon juice and yeast helps keeping the pores small and cleans the impurities that make pores large.

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Apply a nourishing mask

One of the common reasons for aging skin can be scarcity of nutrients and dryness. Applying vitamins and natural oils to the skin can be very helpful in such a situation. Bananas, that contain high contents of Vitamin A and avocados, which contain an abundance of Vitamin A as well as Vitamin B and proteins, when combined make a mask that restores natural oil in the skin to ensure the prevention of dry skin and other ageing effects.

Moisturizing the skin

Use of a good moisturizing agent after cleansing of skin helps in keeping it youthful and glowing. Olive oil and Vitamin E oil are the most useful moisturizers wherein olive oil is consider the original beauty ingredient and Vitamin E oil helps curing skin ailments like sun damage, wrinkles, lines and scars. A solution of both olive oil and Vitamin E act as a perfect moisturizer and heals age spots and makes the skin smooth by regular use. The quantity of the solution applied depends from person to person, from skin type to skin type and the climatic conditions.

The cellulite secret

Not many people are aware of the fact that the cellulite creams that melt away dimples contain caffeine in large quantities. Caffeine is the beauty industry’s best kept secret. Hence, you should try your coffee secret first before opting for the high rocket costed cellulite creams. The procedure for this coffee effect is to take the warm coffee grounds from the morning pot and rubbing the moist grounds vigorously on cellulite and then rinse it off with water. Cellulite will disappear in a few days if you do this regularly once a day.

Anti-Aging Home Remedies

  1. Green Tea
    At least you could get this so easily in Nigeria, this will be available at your disposal. Green tea is high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and flavonoids and especially polyphenols; decreases cellular and tissue damage incurred with aging. Protective against cancer, heart diseases and is an immune stimulant.
  2. Garlic
    Protects nervous system, improves brain function, memory, learning. Prevents/treats arteriosclerosis, reduces clotting, lowers cholesterol. Increases life span in animal tests; inhibits viruses, bacteria, parasites.
  3. 1/2 cup Ginkgo biloba tea
    1/2 cup ginseng tea Combine the ingredients. Take one-third of a cup three times daily. Ginkgo is known to improve memory, while ginseng can boost energy levels.
  4. 5 drop cayenne tincture 3o drop burdock tincture 15 drop goldenAeal tincture 10 drop ginger root tincture 1/2 cup Alippety elm tea cup warm water. Combine all ingredients. Take 2 to 3 tablespoons three times per day to improve circulation.
  5. Life span is ultimately determined by the fact that cells can only replicate a certain number of times a genetically predetermined cut-off point that prevents physical immortality. Understanding this, most researchers still believe that humans should live 120 years or more. Why then is the average life span hovering around age 70? We deteriorate mainly due to damage from free radicals, produced as a byproduct of normal metabolism, or created by various toxins, pollutants, allergens, heavy metals, etc. Additionally, 75% of Americans are not getting enough free radical fighting antioxidants, such as vitamin E, selenium or even vitamin C. These are quickly used up under stress, while hormonal, immune and neurological imbalances further accelerate aging.
  6. A number of herbs are highly prized and renowned for their anti-aging and longevity promoting effects. Science has extensively verified that these complex plant medicines have the definite ability to prolong the duration and quality of life. Many of these antiaging herbs are adaptogens and tonics, normalizing metabolic, hormonal and neurological systems and stimulating cellular regeneration. Others have more focused effects on the brain, heart or immunity. They are safe for long-term use and disease prevention.
  7. Ashwaganda
    Tonic that slows aging, rejuvenates tissues throughout the body. Clears the mind, strengthens the nerves, promotes restful sleep. Improves memory, cholesterol, ####ual ability; lessens hair graying.
  8. Fo-Ti (Polygonum multiflorum )
    Chinese tonic herb that promotes longevity, strengthens the blood, improves vitality, ####ual vigor and fertility and can reduce hair graying. Lowers cholesterol, improves arteriosclerosis, regulates blood sugar.
  9. GinsengPanax ginseng
    Rejuvenating, stimulating adaptogen, yet helps calm nerves, increases vitality; reduces exhaustion; increases stamina, speeds wound healing. Enhances immune system; balances metabolism and stress response.
  10. Gotu Kola
    Rejuvenating, longevity herb in the Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions. Increases intelligence, memory, creativity, learning ability, reduces mental fatigue. Strengthens nervous system, adrenals and immune system. Improves wound healing, reduces scar tissue, increases circulation.

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