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Tsuki-Yumi: Shinto God of the Moon

Tsukiyomi(Tsuki-yumi)  is the Shinto god of the Moon. He is the brother of Amaterasu, the solar goddess, and Susano-Wo, the storm god. Tsukiyomi was born from Izanagi’s proper eye after Izanagi cleansed himself following his journey to Yomi, the underworld.

As god of the moon, Tsukiyomi guidelines the evening. In some myths, he's stated to have killed Ukemochi (in some variations, Inari), the Shinto goddess of food. This act introduced rice and different necessary meals to earth.

According to these myths, Tsukiyomi requested the goddess for food. She responded by pulling it from her anus, mouth, and nostril. Tsukiyomi was insulted and killed her. From her physique sprang rice and different crops.

Amaterasu was angered by her brother’s violence and vowed by no means to see him once more. That is why the solar and moon rise and set individually.

Other variations of this story say that Susano-Wo killed Ukemochi.