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15+ Unique Meaning of TTYL Slang

TTYL Meaning

What does TTYL means?

What does TTYL means? What does it stands for? Where did it originated? Is T. T. Y. L. just an acronym, phrase or slang?

Ever wondered what TTYL means? Keep calm and read through this article dedicated to explaining the meaning of TTYL (TTYL acronym/abbreviation/slang word).

Internet slang such as TTYL does not constitute a homogeneous language variety. Rather, it differs according to the user and type of Internet situation.

Initially coming straight from SMS language, this is a way of replacing entire words or bits of words by their phonetic equivalent embodied into single letters or figures.

Shortening (acronyms and abbreviation) is the most productive way of word-building in English. Not only OMW, there are hundreds of chat abbreviations and slangs available on net which you will also find on this platform too.

TTYL Meanings / TTYL Definitions:

TTYL popularly means "Talk to you later", commonly used in text messaging by some people nowadays as a quicker way of saying catch you later.

TTYL is also a good variant to replace BRB which is "Be right back", both expressing the fact that you will soon meet again. A better way to say goodbye.

And yet, there are some other sensible meaning of TTYL we will highlight here. Just keep on reading.

  • TTYL means Tell Those You Love
  • TTYL means Ta Ta You Loser
  • TTYL means Take Time Ya Lover
  • TTYL means Tennessee Titans Young Life

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More Meaning for TTYL

TTYL or TTYL might be used in more subjects or discourse than what we highlighted above. Why not tap in more meaning, definition or insight to what TTYL means below.

  1. Think Through Your Life
  2. TxT Ya Later
  3. Through The Yawning Lounge
  4. True To Your List
  5. The Time You Learned
  6. Type To You Later
  7. Tell Teacher You ' re Loyal
  8. Talk to You Louder
  9. Task Takes You Long
  10. Thanks To You Lover
  11. Talk To You Later

TTYL meaning wrap

The widely used definition or meaning of TTYL is "Talk to you later" whereas it has tons of variants.

What is the full meaning of TTYL? What does TTYL stands for? TTYL as an acronym, abbreviation, phrase or slang word is now explained above.