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Typhon in Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Typhon was a dragon-like monster that attempted to wrest management of the heavens from Zeus, king of the gods. Typhon was an enormous creature, winged and respiration fire, with a person’s physique from the top to the thighs, and coils of vipers for legs. He was the offspring of Gaia, the earth, and Tartarus, the bottom realm of being.

Typhon attacked heaven with roars, hurling blazing rocks and respiration nice blasts of fire. When the gods on Mount Olympus noticed him dashing at them, they fled in the shapes of animals.
Only Zeus stood his floor, hurling thunderbolts on the monster after which attacking him with a sickle. It was a savage fight that lined all of the land that now could be Greece. At instances, it appeared as if Typhon would win.

But eventually, Zeus forged Mount Etna down upon Typhon, trapping him perpetually. To today, the blasts of fire that shoot up from Mount Etna are stated to be the remnants of Zeus’s thunderbolts and Typhon’s fire.