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Ueuecoyotl (Old Coyote) Mythology

Ueuecoyotl was the Aztec god of pointless enjoyment who was mentioned to trigger chaos and to distract people from their ongoing wars waged to improve the empire and safe victims for sacrifice. Ueuecoyotl is named a trickster by some students, though others consider that the one true trickster in Mexico was Kauyumari of the Huichol people. True tricksters, they consider, regulate the universe by way of the pranks they play.

The Aztec are typically thought of a serious- minded people. During the peak of the empire, their focus was on getting ready for struggle, waging struggle, and pleasing the gods. They labored laborious and had been thought to be extraordinarily well mannered and probably a bit grave—they weren't given usually to gaiety and humor. An look by Ueuecoyotl of their lives was not welcome. Some students have advised that the Aztec really feared him due to his disruptive influences.