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Vainamoinen: The Wise Wizard in Finnish Epic

Vainamoinen was the clever wizard and adventurer of the Finnish epic the Kalevala. Vainamoinen was the son of the heavenly maiden, the demigoddess Ilmatar. Trapped in her womb for greater than 700 years, he grew to maturity after which finally escaped into the world as an energetic, white-bearded previous man.

In the land that might develop into Finland, Vainamoinen introduced the world such items as agriculture and fire. He additionally invented the kantele, a kind of harp or lyeare, from the bones of an enormous pike.

Among Vainamoinen’s adventures was an encounter with the younger, brash Joukahainen, who challenged him to a duel of magic. Vainamoinen actually sang the youthful man into the bottom, and Joukahainen escaped solely as a result of he promised Vainamoinen that Joukahainen’s sister, Aino, would marry him. Vainamoinen agreed, however Aino threw herself into the ocean to keep away from marrying the previous man.

Joukahainen sought revenge, capturing Vainamoinen’s horse and sending the wizard tumbling into the ocean. Vainamoinen was rescued by a big eagle and was carried to the land of Pohjola. The mistress of Pohjola, Louhi, tended to Vainamoinen till he recovered. She then refused to let him go till he promised that Ilmarinen, the grasp smith, would forge amagical artifact, referred to as a sampo, for Pohjola.

On his approach residence, Vainamoinen met Louhi’s daughter, the Maiden of Pohjola, and requested her to marry him. She agreed on the situation that Vainamoinen would perform sure seemingly inconceivable duties. While Vainamoinen carved a picket boat, nevertheless, his axe slipped, wounding his knee so he was unable to full the duties. He looked for an professional blood stauncher and located an previous man who stopped the flow of blood by utilizing magic incantations.

The Maiden of Pohjola selected to marry Ilmarinen, the forger of the sampo, as he carried out the three duties she set earlier than him: He plowed a field stuffed with vipers, hunted down the bear of Tuonela and the wolf of Manala, and fished the Great Pike out of the Tuonela River. Vainamoinen held no ailing will towards the couple and entertained the marriage visitors along with his singing.

Now, Vainamoinen and different heroes set out to steal again the sampo from Pohjola. Vainamoinen put the people of Pohjola to sleep along with his kantele enjoying, and the sampo was taken away. Louhi set off in pursuit in the type of an enormous hen of prey. In the following battle, the sampo was smashed and fell into the ocean. There, it continued to grind and turned the ocean to salt water.

Louhi despatched ailments to destroy the people of Kalevala, however Vainamoinen cured the sick. Louhi despatched a bear to assault the Kalevala cattle,however Vainamoinen slew the bear. The mistress of Pohjola, Louhi, hid the Sun and the Moon inside a hill and stole the fire as properly. Vainamoinen and Ilmarinen freed the fire and cast keys wanted to release the Sun and Moon.
In his final journey, Vainamoinen set sail in a copper boat. He deliberate to return when he was wanted.
J.R.R. Tolkien, creator of The Lord of the Rings (1954–1955), was accustomed to the Kalevala. Tolkein’s wizard adventurer, Gandalf, was nearly actually impressed by the clever wizard Vainamoinen.