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What is Ament in Egyptian Mythology?

Ament, whose identify is a easy epithet that means 'the Westerner,’ was represented as a Goddess carrying an ostrich feather on her head or [untunes an ostrich plume and a hawk.

His feather, the conventional decoration of Libyans, who wore it fastened in their hair, was additionally the signal for the phrase 'Western' and was naturally appropriate to Ament, who was initially the Goddess of the Libyan province to the west of Lower Egypt.

Later 'the West' got here to imply the Land of the Dead, and the much less of the West turned the Goddess of the dwelling-place and the useless.

At the gates of the World, on the entrance of the desert, one usually sees the useless being welcomed by a Goddess who half-emerges the foliage of the tree she has chosen to dwell in to provide him bread and water. If he drinks and eats he turns into the 'buddy of the Gods'and follows after them, and might by no means return. The deity who thus welcomes the useless is usually Ament, although she might ceaselessly ' It Nut, Hathor, Neith or Maat, who take their flip in changing the Goddess of the West.