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What is Argonautica Epic About?

The epic Argonautica tells of the adventures
of the Greek hero Jason and his companions, the Argonauts. Both the epic and the Argonauts had been named for Jason’s ship, the Argo. There are literally two variations of the epic poem. The first was written by the Greek poet Apollonius of Rhodes within the third century B.C.E.In the first century C.E., the Roman poet Gaius Valerius Flaccus penned one other model.

Apollonius was born in 230 B.C.E. Little is recognized about his life besides that he was head of an academy or library in addition to a poet. Flaccus lived throughout the reign of Titus Caesar. Apollonius’s model of the Argonautica is higher recognized, however Flaccus’s work, which he by no means accomplished, has distinctive parts.

The Argonautica is the one considered one of Apollonius’s works to have survived. Apollonius used myths and Homer’s Odyssey as his supply materials. Apollonius ended the epic earlier than Jason and Medea meet their tragic finish.

In Flaccus’s model of the story, the gods are portrayed viewing the occasions as a sport, with every god encouraging his or her favourite and dealing to cease the others. It is Venus, as an illustration, disguised as Circe, who persuades Medea to betray her father and fall in love with Jason. The epic breaks off as Jason and Medea depart Colchis aboard the Argo, pursued by the Colchians.

The Quest Begins

The Argonautica begins with King Pelias, who was warned that Jason would in the future take his throne. Pelias despatched Jason out on what he believed to be an inconceivable voyage: a quest for the paranormal Golden Fleece. Jason and fifty heroes, together with Hercules and the magical bard Orpheus, set out within the Argos.

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After many perilous and unique adventures, they reached the Bosporos. There they discovered Phineus, as soon as king of Thrace, stricken by harpies. Jason’s males drove off the harpies. The grateful Phineus informed Jason how to attain the land of King Aietes of Colchis, the place he would find the Golden Fleece.

Aietes, who had no intention of giving up the fleece, made Jason go a take a look at of braveness. Jason was to harness the bronze-hoofed bulls on the Plain of Ares and plow the field with them. Aietes instructed Jason to then sow the enamel of a dragon (or large serpent), from which a crop of warriors would spring up. Jason accepted Aietes’s challenge.


Meanwhile, the gods had smitten Aietes’s daughter, the sorceress Medea, with love for Jason. She met him on the shrine of the goddess Hekate and gave him a magical drug to assist him in his ordeal. Jason fell in love with Medea and supplied to marry her and carry her again to Greece.

At daybreak, Jason made a sacrifice to Hekate after which bathed himself and his weapons with themagical drug. He proceeded to harness the fierce bulls, plow the field, and sow the dragon’s enamel. But the soldiers that grew from the enamel instantly started fighting with each other, so Jason killed them. Even although Jason succeeded in his take a look at, King Aietes plotted to preserve the fleece.

Medea, in the meantime, was positive that her father knew she had betrayed him. She rushed to Jason, telling him that she would assist him get the Golden Fleece if he saved her. Jason calmed her fears and vowed to marry her. The couple went to the sacred grove, the place a dragon guarded the Golden Fleece. Medea put the dragon to sleep, and Jason took the fleece. They fled to the Argo and instantly set sail.

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King Aietes did learn about his daughter’s betrayal. The Colchians, led by Medea’s brother, Apsyeartos, set sail in pursuit of the Argo. Jason and Medea plotted to kill Apsyeartos. They lured him with items and slew him. The Colchians retreated.
Jason and Medea, responsible of homicide, went to the sorceress Circe to endure rites to cleanse them of Apsyeartos’s blood. Circe refused to assist them.

The Journey Continues

The Argo sailed on. When they came across the Sirens, Orpheus’s music silenced the treacherous nymphs. The nymph Thetis and the Nereids introduced the ship safely previous the dual perils of Scylla and Charybdis.

Jason and Medea arrived at what is now the island of Corfu, the place they had been confronted by the Colchians. The Colchians insisted that except Medea was Jason’s spouse, she should return with them to her homeland. Jason and Medea had been married that evening, and the Colchians allow them to go.

When the Argo reached Crete, Jason and Medea had been attacked by the guardian of Crete, Talos. This gigantic man of bronze, created by the smith god, Hephaestus, tirelessly circled the island, throwing stones at any approaching ships. But Medea knew how to destroy him. Talos had a single vein, from his neck to his ankle, which was closed by a single bronze nail. Medea enchanted Talos and eliminated the bronze nail, inflicting his blood to run out and killing him.
After this final journey, the Argo returned to Greece, at which level the epic ends.