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What is Asceticism? Practice or Theory of Religion

Asceticism means self-denial and dwelling a quite simple life for non secular causes. Seriously non secular people in just about all traditions have given up issues, particularly issues that enchantment to the senses, for the sake of faith.
They have given up food by fasting, or by subsisting solely on coarse and tasteless food. They have worn solely tough garments, or even gone with out garments in any respect. They have lived in chilly caves or onerous monastic cells. They have foregone marriage. They have meditated for hours underneath a sizzling solar, or in freezing mountains. They have intentionally induced discomfort by sporting hair shirts or chains, sleeping on beds of nails, and standing underneath waterfalls. A number of have even mutilated themselves.
These states of self-denial are referred to as asceticism—abstention from the pure pleasures of life for non secular causes. It ranges from what could also be referred to as “normal” asceticism, that of, say, a monk or nun in an austere order with lengthy hours of prayer or meditation and a sparse however healthful weight loss program, to the best extremes of self-infl icted ache.
Ascetics are discovered within the religious traditions of most religions. Examples would come with the MONKS AND NUNS of ROMAN CATHOLICISM and EASTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY, of BUDDHISM and of TAOISM, the Sufimystics of ISLAM, and the usually extra individualistic SADHUS or “holy men” of HINDUISM. All traditions have included each “normal” and typically very saintly ascetics, and “extreme” ascetics. All religions have additionally included religious lay women and men who, typically very quietly and privately, have practiced numerous varieties of self-denial and asceticism within the midst of an “ordinary” life.

What are the non secular causes for asceticism?

First, it may be a facet of the love or compassion that is the good advantage of most faiths, for what one denies oneself one may give to the poor. In this fashion it not solely does good, it additionally units an instance to others.

Second, it is a type of self-discipline, and to be taught to self-discipline oneself is fundamental to following any religious path. It could be seen as a rejection of the bodily physique, seen because the “lower” half of one’s nature, or whilst a supply of temptation and evil, in favor of the religious dimension of life.
Third, it is seen as a method of doing repentance for one’s SINS, to work off the punishment or “bad KARMA” they've accrued, and so to set oneself proper.
Finally, asceticism is believed to improve non secular expertise. Fasting may help one to see visions, and a light-weight weight loss program can lead to efficient MEDITATION; even ache can alternate with non secular rapture. There are psychological and physiological causes for some of this. Most importantly, although, asceticism all the time sends a non secular message: GOD takes precedence over the pleasures and entanglements of this world.