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What is Baha’i?

Baha’i is a faith based in Iran within the second half of the 19th century. The Baha’i religion sees itself referred to as to unite spiritually all of the peoples of the world.


During the 1840s a non secular fi gure in Iran generally known as the Bab (“gateway”) predicted the approaching of “the one whom GOD shall reveal.” In 1863, one in every of his followers, now generally known as Baha’ullah (1817-92), claimed to be that one.

The teachings of the Bab and of Baha’ullah threatened the authority of orthodox Islamic students. As a consequence, Baha’ullah spent a lot of his life in exile and in jail. From 1868 till his dying he lived in what is now Israel. For that motive, the middle of the Baha’i group is placed in Israel.

When Baha’ullah died, management of the group handed to his son, recognized within the Baha’i group as Abd al-Baha (1844-1921), and his grandson, Shoghi Effendi (1899-1957). It then handed to a board generally known as the Council of the Hands of the Cause (1957-62) and fi nally to an elected meeting, the International House of Justice (1962-current).
The Baha’i religion fi rst attracted widespread consideration with the missionary travels of Abd alBaha. By the tip of the 20th century it had roughly two million adherents.


The Baha’i religion sees itself as persevering with the revelation of God present in J UDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, and ISLAM. The prophets of every of these traditions, it teaches, had been real messengers from God. Each of them fulfi lled the duty assigned by God. But Baha’is insist that the method of God’s revelation won't ever finish. Neither MOSES nor JESUS nor MUHAMMAD was the final of God’s messengers. For the modern world there is a brand new messenger, Baha’ullah. He was made recognized a brand new process: to unite spiritually all people.

Baha’is are enjoined to pray in personal every single day. In addition, native communities collect collectively on the fi rst day of each month. (Baha’i months are 19 days lengthy). A significant Baha’i pageant is Noruz, New Year’s. In accordance with Persian follow it is celebrated on March 21, the time of the spring equinox. During the month prior to Noruz, Baha’is observe a quick. They neither eat nor drink from sunup to sunset; they eat and drink at night time. (Muslims observe an identical quick throughout the Islamic month of Ramadan. Moreover, Baha’is are by no means permitted to drink alcohol.

During the 20th century a number one initiative of the Baha’i group was the development of main homes of WORSHIP, one on every continent. The design of every home of worship refl ects signifi cant parts of its location. For instance, the home of worship in New Delhi, India, is within the type of a LOTUS, a sacred plant in India. The brick work of the home of worship in Panama refl ects stone work within the historic temples of center America. At the identical time, all Baha’i homes of worship share sure options. For instance, they've 9 doorways and nine-sided domes. Baha’is see the quantity 9 as an indication of the best unity. Therefore, the doorways and domes emphasize the unity that Baha’is consider characterizes God, all people, and all religions.