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What is Fabliau (Fabliaux)?

Fabliau (Fabliaux) are temporary comedian tales in verse that had been in style in France within the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. These parodies about unusual people, often of the decrease or center class, had been set in on a regular basis locations.

The plots of these quick tales had been usually satirical or bawdy. They regularly centered on the cleverness (and ####ual enthusiasm) of the hero or heroine and the gullibility of the sufferer. A fabliau might need a social edge, pointing at members of the clergy or establishments comparable to marriage.

Marie de France’s “A Woman and Her Paramour” of the early twelfth century and Boccaccio’s mid-fourteenth-century Decameron are prime examples of fabliaux. Several of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, comparable to “The Reeve’s Tale,” drew from this style.
The excessive age of the fabliau ended within the fourteenth century. Its reputation was already waning by the point Chaucer used the shape on the finish of that century. These bawdy tales are hardly ever used right this moment.