What Is Izuna Rite In Japanese Mythology?

Dagini Rite (Daten  ceremony,  izuna  ceremony) is a type of witchcraft wherein a nobleman, warrior, or priest places a spell on a fox or snake so as to receive energy over his sufferer. Also, a spell utilized by a Buddhist monk to summon demons known as dagini or dakini to assist a egocentric individual receive energy and wealth over others.

Though highly effective, the spells don’t at all times work as supposed. In the story of the heike, the formidable Major Counselor Narichika carried out Dagini Rites to pray for his promotion to a better place of authority within the emperor’s authorities. First he employed 100 monks to carry out a seven day studying of the Great Wisdom Sutra, which triggered three turtledoves in an orange tree overlooking a Buddhist shrine to peck one another to demise—a nasty omen. Next, Narichika spent seven nights on the Kamo Shrine, the place he prayed to the Dagini for his promotion over his fellow majors.

Finally, he employed a Buddhist monk to shut himself up in a hole tree outside the Kamo Shrine to carry out the Dagini ritual for 100 days however the tree was struck by light- ning in the course of the ritual and the monk was scared out. Despite his makes an attempt to interact evil spirits to do his bidding, Counselor Narichika was handed over for the promotion, presumably as a result of his rival, the highly effective chief of the Taira clan, Kiyomori, was utilizing a extra highly effective model of the Dagini Rite.

According to the story, Kiyomori was suspected of using an evil type of the Dagini Rite by utilizing a witch animal to subdue or hurt his rivals and steal their wealth for his personal use. To accomplish this he employed a shaman or evil priest to tame a fox (a canine or snake can be used) by feeding it treats of human food after which flip it right into a witch animal fully below the management of the shaman and his demon idols.

Witch animals related to Dagini Rites may turn out to be invisible and assault their victims with out being detected, inflicting illness or demise. Witch animals may be educated to go right into a sufferer’s home and steal precious objects, together with cash and jewels, and convey them again to its grasp.