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What is Lake Texcoco?

Lake Texcoco - A once-large saltwater lake within the central valley of Mexico that was the positioning of Tenochtitlán, the cultural middle and capital of the Aztec empire.

The Aztec believed that the lake had been created from and was nonetheless related to the ocean. To take a look at this, in accordance to legend, they as soon as dropped a sealed gourd within the ocean close to a deep cavern alongside the seacoast. Several days later, the gourd floated to the floor of Lake Texcoco.

There is a lot salt across the lake, and the Aztec harvested the salt, mounding large piles of the salty earth throughout the dry season. They washed the mounds and put the salty resolution in giant pottery jars. Heating the jars evaporated the water and left the salt,
which they packed in blocks or in jars and used for commerce. Lake Texcoco was virtually utterly drained within the early 1800s in hopes that the underside land might be became farmland, nevertheless it was too salty.