What Is Manspreading? New Trending Word

No doubt, you have encountered ‘manspreading’ numerous times; mostly by men and a handful of women. Mostly on planes and buses but you might never thought of it as a worldwide phenomenon.

Manspreading meaning

Manspreading leapt out because the English term was being used in a Spanish setting where presumably it was expected that it would be understood by those seeing it. Transport authorities in Madrid sought to promulgate to passengers of the importance of respecting their fellow passengers’ personal space.

Manspreading meaning

What is man spreading


Manspreading is the act of widely separating your legs in a public vehicle (or any transportation system) in order to deflect others from sitting.

The term manspreading portrays the act in which a few men sit on public transport, with their legs widely separated and feet fixed immovably on the floor. On the off chance that they spread their legs wide to deflect other inpiduals from sitting beside them, as a result gaining additional space. 

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Also, in the event that they do sit alongside them and they neglect to pull back, they confront a decision between having their spread appendages clasped against theirs for the span of the voyage and contracting into the littlest space conceivable to maintain a strategic distance from them.


Man spreading meaning

As a lot of people sees it, the word manspreading is biased against the man. In this vein, bodyspreading is posed to be more appropriate since it is gender-neutral.

Meanwhile, the term ‘manspreading’ arose because people observed a certain phenomenon and gave it a name. It may be that a gender neutral term will arise some day, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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Manspreading vs Womanspreading

Manspreading vs. Womanspreading

There is a parallel term, ‘womanspreading’, used mainly to refer to women putting their bags on unused seats, but it doesn’t seem to have entered many dictionaries yet.

Dictionaries record the way language is used, rather than the way it should be used, and the term discussed in this post is the well-established ‘manspreading’.

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