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What is Petesuchos in Mythology?

Petesuchos is the Greek rendering of an Egyptian phrase that means 'he who belongs to Suchos' (or Sebek). He was the sacred crocodile in which was incarnated the soul of Sebek, the good God of the Fayyum who had his chief sanctuary in Crocodilopolis, the capital of the province, which was known as Arsinoe from the time of the second Ptolemy.

At Crocodilopolis, in a lake dug out close to the good temple, Petesuchos was commemorated. He was an outdated crocodile who wore * golden rings in his ears. His devotees riveted bracelets to his forelegs. Other crocodiles, additionally sacred, composed his household and had been fed close by.

In the Greco-Roman period the crocodiles of Arsinoe had been a fantastic attraction for vacationers. Strabo tells us how in the reign of Augustus he paid a go to to Petesuchos. 'He is fed,' Strabo writes, 'with the bread, meat and wine which strangers all the time convey once they come to see him. Our good friend and host, who was one of many notabilities of the place and who took us in every single place, got here to the lake with us, having saved from our luncheon a cake, a bit of the roast and a small flagon of honey. We met the crocodile on the shore of the lake. Priests approached him and whereas one among them held open his jaws one other put in the cake and the meat and poured in the honey-wine. After that the animal dived into the lake and swam in direction of the other shore. Another customer arrived, additionally bringing his providing. The monks ran around the lake with the food he had * introduced and fed it to the crocodile in the identical method..'

For many centuries nobody has worshipped Petesuchos, however in the middle of Africa those that dwell on the southern shores of Lake Victoria-Nyanza at this time nonetheless venerate Lutembi, an outdated crocodile who for generations has come to the shore every morning and night on the name of the fishermen to obtain from their fingers the fish they provide him.

Like Petesuchos of outdated, the crocodile Lutembi has turn out to be a worthwhile income for his votaries. For, since many people come to see him out of curiosity, the natives demand a price for calling him to the shore and make the customer pay properly for the fish they offer him.

Sacred Rams had been additionally extremely popular in Egypt. Chief amongst them was Ba Neb Djedet, 'the soul of the lord of Djedet,’ a reputation which in in style speech was contracted into Banaded and in Greek rendered as Mendes. In him was incarnated the soul of Osiris, and the story which Herodotus introduced again in regards to the ram - which he wrongly calls 'the He-goat of Mendes' - confirms the veneration in which this sacred animal was held. Thoth himself, stated his monks, had previously decreed that the kings ought to include choices to the 'residing ram.’ Otherwise infinite misfortune would unfold amongst males. When Banaded died there was basic mourning; however immense rejoicing greeted the announcement {that a} new ram had been found, and nice festivals had been held in order to rejoice the enthronement of this king of Egyptian animals.