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What is Sebek? Ancient Divinity Myth

Sebek (in Greek, Suchos) is the title of a crocodile divinity who figured among the many patrons of the kings of the thirteenth dynasty, a lot of whom have been referred to as Sebekhotep, 'Sebek is glad.'

The God was represented both as a person with the pinnacle of a crocodile or just as a crocodile. In a lake connected to his chief sanctuary an precise crocodile was stored. It was referred to as Petesuchos, 'He who belongs to Suchos' (or to Sebek), and it was mentioned that the God was incarnate therein. We know little of the origins of Sebek. A pyearamid text calls him the son of Neith. But, as Maspero has identified, it is straightforward to conceive that the presence close by of a swamp or a rock-encumbered speedy might have advised to the inhabitants of the Fayyum of Ombos that the crocodile was the supreme God who have to be appeased by sacrifice and prayers. To his worshippers little doubt Sebek was none aside from the Demiurge who, on the day of creation, issued from the darkish waters the place till then he had reposed, so as to organize the world - because the crocodile emerges from the river to deposit her eggs on the financial institution. Possibly as a result of the title Sebek sounds in Egyptian a little bit like Geb he was generally given Geb's titles.

Sebek was particularly commemorated within the Fayyum. The entire province was below his safety and his principal sanctuary was within the former Shedet, the Crocodilopolis of the Greeks. We shall have event to communicate additional of this after we research the animals sacred to the Egyptians.

Sebek was the item of a cult in Upper Egypt additionally. One can nonetheless see to-day at Kom Ombo - the previous Ombos - ruins of the temple the place Sebek's triad was worshipped, as was a second triad of which Horus was the chief. Perhaps right here Sebek actually changed the previous Lord, Set the Ombite, whom the pious worshippers of Horus wouldn't tolerate. What is sure is that Sebek typically shared Set's evil repute. He was reproa ched with having aided the assassin of Osiris when Set, to escape punishment for his crime, took refuge within the physique of a crocodile. That was why these animals, worshipped in sure provinces, have been hunted down and destroyed in others.