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What is Sleipnir (Norse Mythology)

Sleipnir was the swift, eight-legged horse that belonged to Odin, head of the Norse pantheon.
Sleipnir’s story occurred at Asgard, which was house of the Aesir, the principal race of Norse gods. The Aesir had been in a battle with the rival gods, the Vanir, and the giants. During the battle, the wall that enclosed Asgard had been destroyed. This left the Aesir weak to an assault by their main enemy, the giants. The Aesir didn't have both the magical expertise or engineering talents obligatory to restore the wall.

A stonemason named Blast appeared at Asgard and supplied to rebuild the wall. In return, Blast needed the gorgeous Freya for his spouse, in addition to possession of the Sun and the Moon. These phrases had been completely unacceptable to the gods.

Loki, the crafty one, got here up with a plan to outwit the mason and get the wall constructed at no cost. The gods listened to him. They introduced that they'd agree to Blast’s phrases provided that he accomplished the work inside six months.

Blast agreed, and he set to work along with his mighty stallion, Svadlifari. The work went way more quickly than the gods had anticipated. They grew apprehensive. What if Blast did finish the wall throughout the agreed upon time? The gods would have to meet his outrageous calls for. Odin grew so offended that he threatened to kill Loki if the wall was finished on time.

Loki was not involved. Since it was the mighty Svadlifari who was doing all of the heavy work, Loki took the type of an attractive younger mare and lured Svadlifari away. By the time the stallion returned, it was too late—the deadline had handed. The livid Blast revealed himself as a large, and Thor promptly slew him with one swing of his hammer.

Loki disappeared for nearly a 12 months. But ultimately, he returned accompanied by a grey colt with eight legs that might journey as simply by the air because it may over land and water. Loki gave the colt, Sleipnir, to Odin. Sleipnir was the foal of Loki in his mare type and the stallion Svadlifari.