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What is Sura God?

Sura was a creator god of the Andean people of Peru. One of his best achievements was ensuring there have been sufficient seeds so people would have sufficient to eat. According to the parable, way back the nice god Sibu gave Sura the facility to create animals from seeds.

After burying the seeds, Sura left to have a tendency to different issues. While he was away, the evil trickster god Jaburu dug up and stole all of the seeds. When Sura got here again and noticed what had occurred, Jaburu attacked him, lower his throat, and buried him. Some time later Jaburu walked by way of this identical place and noticed cacao and calabash timber rising the place he had buried Sura.

Standing there among the many timber was the nice god Sibu, who requested Jaburu to make him a drink of cacao. Jaburu did as he was requested whereas Sibu watched intently. When the drink was prepared, Jaburu handed it to Sibu, who informed him to drink some first. Jaburu drank greedily. His stomach bought so massive that it exploded and hundreds of cacao seeds got here out. Sibu collected all of them. Then he introduced Sura again to life and gave him the seeds. Forevermore, Sura vegetation cacao, calabash, and all of the world’s vital vegetation the place they're wanted.