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What is the meaning of Jakuí?

Jakuí is the Water spirits that play heavenly music on flutes. Jakuí is additionally the phrase for four-foot-long reed flutes with an oboe-like mouthpiece, that are performed by the Kamayurá and different tribes alongside the northern Amazon River in Brazil.

Finally, jakuí additionally refers to particular picket masks that symbolize the water spirits, that are worn in a YuruParí ceremony commemorating the origin fantasy of male domination.

According to the myths, the water spirits performed their jakuí flutes each day at nightfall. The music attracted the consideration of the Yamuricumá ladies, who by some means have been both given or took three of the flutes residence with them. The flutes had particular powers that allowed the ladies to dominate the males. The ladies performed the flutes all day lengthy, forbidding the males to come close to and even peek at them whereas they performed.

The Hero Twins, Sun and Moon, didn’t like the manner the ladies handled the males, so that they scared the ladies off and gave the flutes to the males of the tribe. It is now the ladies who are usually not allowed to see or play the flutes and should disguise of their home, wailing about the loss of their devices, whereas the males carry out the ritual musical ceremony. Within the villages the place the ritual is carried out, a particular home of the flute is constructed to preserve and apply the jakuí.