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What is The Sun Stone?

A round stone slab, with a 12-foot diameter, often known as the Calendar Stone. It is thought to have been created round 1479 and is devoted to the Sun god Tonatiuh.

The Sun Stone is not thought of a calendar however fairly a photo voltaic disk that some imagine could have been used for sacrifices to the Sun. Scholars, nevertheless, typically contemplate it to be a symbolic illustration of the 4 eras, or Suns, of Aztec mythology and of how the Fifth Sun was created.

The current Sun is dominated by Tonatiuh and is based mostly on the cycle of loss of life and rebirth. Tonatiuh and the opposite gods, the Aztec believed, can be sustained solely by means of common choices and sacrifice.

Tonatiuh seems within the middle of the Sun Stone. He is holding an obsidian sacrificial knife in his mouth and human hearts in every hand. Surrounding him within the first ring are symbols of the 5 Suns. Symbols for the 20 named days of the Aztec month seem within the second ring. This third ring has symbols for the rays of the Sun, for Chalchihuitlicue, the Aztec goddess of water, and for blood.

Among the symbols within the outer ring are two serpents. They seem face to face on the backside of the ring with their tails joined on the prime. The image for 13 Reed, the day thought of to be the start of the Fifth Sun, is additionally depicted.