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What is Wanadi?

Wanadi God and tradition hero worshipped by the Yekuana tribe of Venezuela within the Guiana Highlands. As a god, Wanadi lived within the sky world, a seven-level universe stuffed with numerous birds, spirits, and gods. (Earth existed on the third degree.) When Wanadi completed making all of the forests, rivers, and animal creatures of Earth, he determined to make some people.

He despatched a duplicate of himself down to Earth, carrying a big egg from one of many magical birds of the sky world. Inside the egg had been unborn people, which finally hatched absolutely grown. Taking on the points of an earthly hero, Wanadi watched over the people for a while, educating them many issues. He had many adventures, together with marriage to the underwater girl.

Wanadi additionally chosen a number of people to turn into shamans, educating them in regards to the gods and giving them magic information of the sky world. To assist the shamans keep in contact with the sky world, he gave them the sacred akuhua tree, exhibiting them how to acquire the resin, dry it and pound it into powder, and sniff it to produce a imaginative and prescient that will permit their souls to fly up to the sky world. Upon seeing that people had been in good arms, Wanadi returned to his dwelling within the sky.