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Where are Miko Shrines?

Miko are shrine virgins ; younger ladies who function attendants at Shinto shrines. Sometimes referred to as altar ladies, they carry out ritual dances and different duties at bigger shrines. Worshipers looking for good luck charms often buy these at shrines tended by the altar ladies, who put on lengthy white tops over lengthy purple skirts. Serving as a miko brings nice honor to one’s household.

The similar phrase is used to refer to a feminine shaman. According to historic Shinto beliefs, the miko are possessed by the kami, who can communicate by means of them. Shamans performed an essential position in historic Japan.

The phrase additionally refers to small statues that have been buried with emperors through the Kofun interval. Made of clay, these statues are of ladies who could also be clergymen or in a position to contact the gods—that's, shamans.