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Where is Lake Titicaca?

Lake Titicaca, simply 110-mile lengthy, 45-mile extensive lake excessive within the Andes on the border of Peru and Bolivia. Water from the mountains that encompass Lake Titicaca flows into it; from there it flows into Lake Poopó. Over time, the water degree of Lake Poopó has dropped sufficient that it is beneath the extent of the pure outlet, and water leaves the lake solely by way of evaporation.

Tiahuanaco, the cultural heart of the Colla, was situated close to the shore of Lake Titicaca. According to fable, the Sun god despatched his youngsters to Earth and placed them on an island (additionally referred to as Titicaca) within the lake, the place the rays of the Sun first strike Earth.

Some legends say the gods selected this island as an indication of hope to the people. It is thought-about a sacred place and was the placement of a temple to the Sun that contained as a lot gold and silver as the primary temple to Inti within the Inca capital at Cuzco. It is mentioned that when the Spanish got here and started looting Cuzco, the people threw all of the gold and silver from the island temple into the lake.