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Who are the Eight Immortals?

In Chinese Daoism, the Eight Immortals are eight people who gained everlasting life. Stories about them had been used to illustrate the methods a person or lady may obtain enlightenment.
These tales usually included many magical components and had been extremely entertaining in addition to instructive. The Eight Immortals are very keen on wine and are typically referred to as “ The Eight Drunken Immortals .”
The eight are Li Tieguai, the first Immortal, whose soul inhabited a beggar’s physique and later grew to become the patron of pharmacists; He Xiangu, a younger lady who might fly and who protected single ladies; Cao Guojiu, who was the patron of the Aristocracy after studying its limits; Han Ziang, who performed the flute; Lu Dongbin, the patron of students and the guardian of ink makers; Lan Caihe, the patron of the poor; Zhang Guolao, a magician and overseer of completely happy marriages; and Zhong-Li Quan, the messenger of heaven.
The eight influenced the creation of the Japanese Shichi Fukujin, or Seven Gods of Good Fortune or happiness.